Vibrationdata Matlab Signal Analysis & Structural Dynamics Package


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New:  Here is a Matlab GUI multi-function signal analysis package that requires the Partial Differential Equation & Signal Processing Toolboxes for some of its functions.  It has more features than the old package.

vibrationdata_App package   version 3.7 
(requires Matlab 2022a or newer for all functions to run)

The main script is: vibrationdata_App

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Old:  Here is a Matlab GUI multi-function signal analysis package that does not require any additional toolboxes:

Vibrationdata Signal Analysis Package

Alternate Link for Package    (Save link as)

The main script is: vibrationdata.m

The remaining scripts are supporting functions.

This is a work-in-progress. Some features are not yet installed but will be in a future revision. Please check back for updates.

The download and extraction process should be straightforward, but here are some slides for those who need instruction:  Vibrationdata_download.pptx

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Here are some webinar and slide presentations which demonstrate the use of the GUI package in exercises:

Webinar Index

Structural Dynamics Webinars

Fatigue Webinars

Seismic Test & Analysis Webinars

Circuit Board Shock & Vibration Analysis

Nastran Modal Transient & Response Spectrum Analysis for Base Excitation

Launch Vehicle Vibroacoustics

Vibroacoustics/Statistical Energy Analysis

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Currently installed features include:

autocorrelation & cross-correlation
Bessel, Butterworth & mean filters
Fourier transform, FFT, waterfall FFT, spectrogram
FFT for Machine Vibration ISO 10816
PSD, cross power spectral density & energy spectral density
PSD time history synthesis
SRS & SRS Tripartite
SRS time history synthesis
SDOF response to base input and applied force
cepstrum & auto-cepstrum
integration & differentiation
trend removal
rainflow cycle counting
fatigue damage spectrum
ISO Generic Vibration Criteria
modal frequency response functions including H1, H2 & coherence
half-power bandwidth method for damping estimation
generate sine, white noise and other time history waveforms
Helmholtz resonator
spring surge natural frequencies
Davenport-King wind spectrum
Dryden & von Karman gust spectra
Pierson-Moskowitz Ocean wave spectrum
rectangular plate analysis using both classical and finite element methods
spherical bearing stress
unit conversion

Future revisions will have additional functions.

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Please contact me if you have suggestions for added features or if you find bugs.

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See also: Python Signal Analysis Package

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Tom Irvine

Vibrationdata Matlab Stand-alone Executable GUI Package


This is a work-in-progress… Run compiled Matlab applications or components without installing Matlab. Go to: Download: Release (MATLAB Runtime Version#) R2022a (9.12) Next, download vibrationdata_alt.exe version 4.1 (right mouse click, save link as) Please be patient when running this … Continue reading