Circuit Board Shock & Vibration Analysis


Here is series of course units that I have developed for circuit board analysis: Circuit_Board_Slides

(The zip file can be downloaded using the icon with the downward pointing arrow.)

The corresponding Matlab software allows for the creation of finite element models for rectangular boards. The software has options for both common boundary conditions and point supports. The total board mass is typically assumed to be uniformly distributed, but point masses may also be applied. The scripts calculate the natural frequencies, mode shapes, and response to base excitation. Fatigue is also covered.

Matlab script: Vibrationdata Signal Analysis Package

Eventually, I hope to develop this material into Webinar units.

See also:

Design for Shock Rev B

Design for Shock Isolation

Avionics Box FEA Shock

Electronic Equipment Fasteners for Shock and Vibration Environments: fastener_guidelines.pdf

– Tom Irvine

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