Structural Dynamics Webinars

This is a work-in-progress…

I am creating a series of webinars with Matlab exercises for structural dynamics and finite element analysis.

Here are the slides:

Unit 1  Basic FEA

Unit 2  Damping

Unit 3 Modal Analysis

Unit 4 Transfer Functions

Unit 5  Transient Analysis

Unit 6  Applied Force Response Analysis

Unit 7  Response to Seismic Base Mass Excitation

Unit 8  Response to Enforced Motion

Unit 9  Beam Bending FEA

Unit 10 Beam Bending FEA with Added Mass and Stiffness

Unit 11 Beam Bending FEA with Steady-State Sinusoidal Base Excitation

Unit 12 Beam Bending FEA with Sine Sweep Base Excitation

Unit 13  Beam Bending FEA with PSD Base Excitation

Unit 14  Beam Bending FEA Fatigue

Unit 15  Beam Bending FEA Shock

Unit 17  FEA: Circuit Board Natural Frequencies

Unit 18  FEA: Circuit Board Damping

Unit 19  FEA: Circuit Board Response to Sine Vibration

Unit 20  FEA:  Circuit Board Response to Sine Sweep Vibration

Unit 21  FEA:  Circuit Board Response to Random Vibration

Unit 22  FEA:  Circuit Board Response to PSD Synthesis

Unit 23_FEA:  Circuit Board Shock Response Spectra & Synthesis 

Unit 24_FEA:  Circuit Board MDOF Shock

Unit 25:  FEA:  Circuit Board Fatigue

Special Topic:  Irvine_multiaxis_fatigue.pptx

Matlab script: Vibrationdata Signal Analysis Package

* * *

See also:

Transfer Functions from Normal Modes

Convert Modal Damping to a Damping Coefficient Matrix

Beam Bending, Finite Element Analysis

The Mode Acceleration Method  MA_method.pdf

The Modal Truncation Augmentation Method:  MTAM.pdf
This is also known as the residual vector method.  

Tom’s Book

* * *

– Tom Irvine

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