FreeMat Evaluation

FreeMat is an open-source software environment similar to Matlab. The latest version is 4.0, released 2009-10-09.

I tried FreeMat with one of my Matlab scripts which prompts the user for keyboard input.

Unfortunately, this resulted in an error:

In /usr/local/share/FreeMat-4.0/toolbox/io/input.m(input) at line 37
In /home/jarle/freemat/inndata.m(inndata) at line 3
In docli(builtin) at line 2
In base(base)
In base()
In global()
Error: Too many inputs to function evalin

Apparently, this is a “known bug.” There are some ways to fix this by editing and recompiling one of FreeMat’s underlying source files, or some such thing. But this fails my “user-friendliness” test.

So I cannot recommend FreeMat at this time. I am willing to reconsider FreeMat if a new version is released with the bug fixed, but the last version was about 20 months ago….