Vibroacoustics/Statistical Energy Analysis


Like Robert Frost, I have miles to go before I sleep, and all because I took the road less traveled…

This is a long-term work-in-progress…

I am including SEA in my Matlab GUI package.

The functions can be accessed via:

vibrationdata > Miscellaneous Functions I > Acoustics & Vibroacoustics

I am using textbooks by Lyon, DeJong, Wijker, Norton & Karczub, along with AutoSEA and VAPEPS manuals.

I am compiling SEA parameter equations scattered among various references into a single document.  He is my result so far: SEA_parameters.pdf

Please feel free to recommend additions or corrections.

* * *



Launch vehicle example: SEA_cylindrical_shell_shelf.pdf

Payload fairing example:  SEA_payload_fairing_acoustics.pdf

SCLV Slides

SEA_Slides, Part II

* * *

More later…


Compendium of Modal Densities for Structures, NASA-CR-1773

Cremer, Heckl, Ungar, Structure-Borne Sound: Structural Vibrations and Sound Radiation at Audio Frequencies

Tom Irvine

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