ISO 2631 Matlab Scripts

ISO 2631 Mechanical vibration and shock — Evaluation of human exposure to whole-body vibration

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Update: The ISO 2631 scripts have been added to the Matlab GUI package posted at Matlab GUI package

The function can be accessed via:

vibrationdata > Time History > ISO Generic VC, 2631, 10816 > ISO 2631 Human Vibration

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The Matlab scripts convert an acceleration time history to a weighted format per ISO 2631.   The scripts also calculate the Aw, VDV, and MTW values.

The main script is: th_weighted.m

The remaining scripts are supporting functions.

The Matlab script performs a succession of bandpass filtering operations for consecutive, non-overlapping bands.  The bandwidth is one-third octave.
The appropriate weight can then be applied to the overall level for each band.

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The Wb weighting factor is defined in ISO 2631-4:2001(E), Annex A, Table A-2.  It is used for crew and passenger exposure to vibration in rail vehicles, or fixed-guideway transport systems.

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See also: ISO Human Vibration Standards

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Please let me know if you have any questions.

Tom Irvine

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