ISO 2631 Matlab Scripts

ISO 2631 Mechanical vibration and shock — Evaluation of human exposure to whole-body vibration

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Update: The ISO 2631 scripts have been added to the Matlab GUI package posted at Matlab GUI package

The function can be accessed via:

vibrationdata > Time History > ISO Generic VC, 2631, 10816 > ISO 2631 Human Vibration

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The Matlab scripts convert an acceleration time history to a weighted format per ISO 2631.   The scripts also calculate the Aw, VDV, and MTW values.

The main script is: th_weighted.m

The remaining scripts are supporting functions.

The Matlab script performs a succession of bandpass filtering operations for consecutive, non-overlapping bands.  The bandwidth is one-third octave.  The filter is a Butterworth sixth-order with refiltering for phase correction.

The appropriate weight can then be applied to the overall level for each band.

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General weighting factors are given in ISO 2631-1:1997(E), Tables 3 & 4.

The weighting factors for crew and passenger exposure to vibration in rail vehicles, or fixed-guideway transport systems are defined in ISO 2631-4:2001(E), Annex A, Table A-2.

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See also: ISO Human Vibration Standards

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Please let me know if you have any questions.

Tom Irvine

2 thoughts on “ISO 2631 Matlab Scripts

  1. Sir,
    The frequency weighting that we apply for assessing human vibration, do I need to apply it separately in time domain or frequency domain?

    Or apply it in time domain as in your script and then take fft would work?

    • The weighting factors can be applied either in the time or frequency domain. The time domain method applies each factor to the appropriate bandpass filtered time history. The frequency domain method applies the factors to the Fourier transform.

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