Fatigue Analysis Webinars


This is a work-in-progress…

I am creating a series of webinars with Matlab exercises for fatigue analysis

Matlab script: Vibrationdata Signal Analysis Package

Here are the slides:

Unit 1  Fatigue Introduction

Unit 2  Fracture

Unit 3  Sine Vibration

Unit 4  Random Vibration

Unit 5  Rainflow Cycle Counting, Time Domain

Unit 6  Sine Sweep Vibration

Unit 7   Synthesizing a Time History to Satisfy a PSD Specification

Unit 8  Drop & Classical Shock  & Video Half-Sine SRS Animation

Unit 9  Seismic & Pyrotechnic Shock & Video Delta 4 Shock Events

Unit 10  SRS Synthesis

Unit 11  Vibration Response Spectrum

Unit 12  Rainflow Fatigue, Spectral Methods, Fatigue Damage Spectrum

Unit 13  Modifying Spectral Fatigue Methods for S-N Curves with MIL-HDBK-5J Coefficients

Unit 14a  Enveloping Nonstationary Vibration via Fatigue Damage Spectra

Unit 14b  Enveloping Nonstationary Vibration, Batch Mode for Multiple Inputs

Unit 15  Using Fatigue to Compare Sine and Random Environments

Unit 16  Sine-on-random Conversion to a PSD via Fatigue Damage Spectra

Unit 17  Non-Gaussian Random Fatigue and Peak Response

Unit 18   Acoustic Fatigue

Unit 19  Shock Fatigue

Unit 20  Fatigue Damage including Mean Stress

Unit 21  Electronic Circuit Board Fatigue, Part 1

Unit 22  Electronic Circuit Board Fatigue, Part 2

Unit 23  Time-Level Equivalence

Unit 24  Multiaxis Fatigue, Constant Amplitude Loading

Unit 25  Multiaxis Fatigue, Stress Ratio Methods

Unit 26  Multiaxis Fatigue, Variable Amplitude Loading

Unit 27  Airbus Fatigue Manual

More later…


M.H.A. Bonte, A. de Boer, R. Liebregts, Prediction of mechanical fatigue caused by multiple random excitations:  stress_psd_1.pdf

Dr.-Ing. Marinus Luegmair, Dr.-Ing. Alexander Ziehl, Von Mises Stress PSD using MSC.Random:  stress_psd_2.pdf


– Tom Irvine

11 thoughts on “Fatigue Analysis Webinars

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  2. Absolutely stunning, I was about to prepare such kind of narrative to quick brush up as I was tired of reading every time long articles, And I got it.

    Thanks a lot Tom, Highly appreciate it.

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  5. Hi Tom,

    I stumbled across your Random Vibe lecture (Webinar 4) on YouTube. Really enjoyed it. I wanted to watch the whole series and a quick google search led me here. Do videos accompany these slides? If so, how may I access these?


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  7. Hi Tom,
    I am an engineering student at SUNY.
    I completely enjoy your lectures. Very well explained and very good calculation examples.
    I am especially interested in Fatigue analysis.
    Looking forward to your future posts.
    Thank you very much for everything !

    Best wishes

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