Fatigue Analysis Webinars


This is a work-in-progress…

I am creating a series of webinars with Matlab exercises for fatigue analysis

Matlab script: Vibrationdata Signal Analysis Package

Here are the slides:

Unit 1 Fatigue Introduction

Unit 2 Fracture

Unit 3 Sine Vibration

Unit 4 Random Vibration

Unit 5 Rainflow Cycle Counting, Time Domain

Unit 6 Sine Sweep Vibration

Unit 7   Synthesizing a Time History to Satisfy a PSD Specification

Unit 8 Drop & Classical Shock  & Video Half-Sine SRS Animation

Unit 9 Shock Response Spectrum

Unit 10 SRS Synthesis

Unit 11 Vibration Response Spectrum

Unit 12 Rainflow Fatigue, Spectral Methods

Unit 13 Modifying Spectral Fatigue Methods for S-N Curves with MIL-HDBK-5J Coefficients

Unit 14 Enveloping Nonstationary Vibration via Fatigue Damage Spectra

Unit 15   Using Fatigue to Compare Sine and Random Environments

Unit 16  Sine-on-random Conversion to a PSD via Fatigue Damage Spectra

Unit 17 Non-Gaussian Random Fatigue and Peak Response

Unit 18   Acoustic Fatigue

Unit 19 Shock Fatigue

Unit 20 Fatigue Damage including Mean Stress

Unit 21 Electronic Circuit Board Fatigue, Part 1

Unit 22 Electronic Circuit Board Fatigue, Part 2

Unit 23 Multiaxis Fatigue

Unit 24 Airbus Fatigue Manual

More later…

– Tom Irvine

5 thoughts on “Fatigue Analysis Webinars

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  2. Absolutely stunning, I was about to prepare such kind of narrative to quick brush up as I was tired of reading every time long articles, And I got it.

    Thanks a lot Tom, Highly appreciate it.

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