Transfer Functions from Normal Modes

A transfer function is a type of frequency response function (FRF) that gives the steady-state response to a force input as a function of frequency. Transfer functions for structural dynamics problems can be calculated from the natural frequencies, modal damping ratios and normal modes.

This method is also referred to as FRF synthesis.

Here are some papers:

Calculating Transfer Functions from Normal Modes

An Introduction to Frequency Response Functions

* * *

Here is a set of Matlab scripts:

Here are the related Matlab plotting scripts:

* * *

The transfer from modes function is also included in the Matlab GUI package.

It can be accessed via:

>> vibrationdata > Miscellaneous Function I > Structural Dynamics > Miscellaneous > Transfer Functions from > Modes

* * *

See also: Vibrationdata Transfer Functions

– Tom Irvine

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