PSD Fatigue Damage Severity Criteria



PV = pseudo velocity

The following method is intended for components which are to be tested to power spectral density (PSD) specifications on shaker tables. The method can be applied to sine-on-random specifications as well.

The purpose of this document is to recommend velocity severity categories for PSD base inputs in terms of Stress-Velocity Relationship (SVR) fatigue damage.

The categories can then be used to plan the design and analysis efforts required to ensure that a component will pass its PSD test, or at least mitigate risk of failure with associated cost and schedule delays.

The method draws from Gaberson, Steinberg, Morse and Dirlik.

Slides:  psd_severity_revA.pptx

Matlab Scripts: Vibrationdata Signal Analysis Package

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See also:

Dr. Howard Gaberson Papers

Shock and Vibration Severity Thresholds for Structures and Equipment

Shock Severity Limits for Electronic Components

– Tom Irvine

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