Transmissibility of a Three-Parameter Isolation System

I recently came across a vendor that offers an isolator design using the concept in the figure above.

The system is also referred to as the standard-linear solid model (SLS) by Zener, and is used as a simplified model for structural damping.    It is a special case of the Maxwell-Weichert model.

Here is a paper showing the derivation of the transmissibility function:  three_parameter_isolation.pdf

Matlab script:  three_parameter_isolation.m

The three parameter isolation system is also included in the GUI package at:  Vibrationdata Matlab Signal Analysis & Structural Dynamics Package

It can be accessed via

>> vibrationdata > Structural Dynamics > Spring-Mass Systems > Two DOF >
Three Parameter Isolation System

* * *

See also:

Avionics Box Isolation

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More later…

– Tom Irvine

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