Two-degree-of-freedom System Subjected to an Applied Force


I have added a feature for a two-degree-of-freedom system subjected to an applied force to the Matlab GUI package. The applied force options are steady-state sine, arbitrary time history and PSD.

Matlab script: Vibrationdata Signal Analysis Package

The new feature can be accessed via:

Vibrationdata > Miscellaneous > Structural Dynamics > Spring-Mass Systems > Two-DOF System Applied Force

* * *

Here are some related papers:

Calculating Transfer Functions from Normal Modes
An Introduction to Frequency Response Functions
Semidefinite System Force
General Coordinate Method

* * *

See also:  Two-degree-of-freedom Systems

– Tom Irvine

2 thoughts on “Two-degree-of-freedom System Subjected to an Applied Force

  1. Hello Tom,

    Thanks again for all you are doing with the webinars and Matlab GUI.

    I downloaded the latest GUI package (4_29_15) and tried to run this but was not able to do so. When I clicked on any of the “Select” buttons to select a configuration I got an error. The following is the response in the workspace for the fixed-fixed configuration:

    >> vibrationdata
    Undefined function or variable ‘two_dof_system_c_force’.

    Error in vibrationdata_two_dof_force>pushbutton_select_c_Callback (line 160)
    handles.s= two_dof_system_c_force;

    Error in gui_mainfcn (line 95)

    Error in vibrationdata_two_dof_force (line 42)
    gui_mainfcn(gui_State, varargin{:});

    Error in

    Error while evaluating UIControl Callback



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