Webinar 39 Sine-on-Random Vibration

Certain electronic components must be designed and tested to withstand sine-on-random environments.

The following can be done for test or analysis purposes:

1. Synthesize a time history to satisfy a sine-on-random specification

2. Convert a sine-on-random specification to an equivalent PSD, with the sine tones replaced by narrow bands

Methods for both of these options are presented in this Webinar.

* * *

PowerPoint Slides:  webinar_39_sine_on_random.pptx

Audio/Visual File:

NESC Academy Sine-on-Random Vibration – Recommend viewing in Firefox with Sliverlight Plugin

* * *

Matlab script: Vibrationdata Signal Analysis Package

* * *

See also:

Fatigue Damage Spectrum

* * *

Thank you,
Tom Irvine

3 thoughts on “Webinar 39 Sine-on-Random Vibration

  1. The matlab function Dirlik_basic.m is missing in vibrationdata package. An error occurs reproducing your example.
    Congratulations on your beautiful work.

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