Fatigue Survey

I recently sent out a survey asking engineers which fatigue methods that they use.

If anyone else would like to reply, then please send me an Email. I will then update the survey.

Survey Results

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See also:

Rainflow Fatigue

Dirlik Method

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Tom Irvine
Email: tom@irvinemail.org

4 thoughts on “Fatigue Survey

  1. Hello Tom,

    A large percentage of my work involves the prediction of solder joint life in electronics assemblies with small components like Ball Grid Arrays. I use detailed FEA models to calculate strain energy density. I sum that over the expected lifetime of the product and compare it with published crack initiation data based on controlled tests.

    regards, Don Blanchet


  2. Mr. Irvine. First of all, i would like to congratulate you for the great job with this web site. I work as a lead durability engineer in a truck / commercial vehicle manufacture in Brazil. The company uses HBM Ncode .
    I saw the result of your survey and would like to make some comments ,if i may. In “methods” i understand there are lot of names involved in different phases of damage calculation and are not exactly “methodologies”, example : (Miner – way to sum cumulative damage , Rainflow – way to count closed hysteresis loops , Stainberg/Dirlik/Rayleigh – way to count cycles in frequency domain , Goodman- mean stress correction ) and so on . It also depends of the problem involved , usually in the automotive they are regarding spot welds , seam welds or regular calculation . Answering the survey – HBM Ncode , Strain life using strain life SWT equation ,except for spot welds and seam welds.

  3. Great question and responses, Thanks for putting this together, Tom! I didn’t have a chance to submit a response, I’ll send you an e-mail.

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