Blast & Pressure Vessel Burst Overpressure

A function for calculating blast & burst overpressure is given in:

Matlab script: Vibrationdata Signal Analysis Package

The function can be accessed via:

>> vibrationdata > Miscellaneous > Blast & Burst Overpressure

* * *


Air Safety Week had an interesting article on the energy released by exploding tires in their August 7, 2000 issue. It was addressing the tire failure on the Concord. If you go to page 3 you will find a chart-Energy Released by Catastrophic Tire Deflations.

If you “used the same numbers” for a P-3 (Navy aircraft) main landing gear tire at 200 pounds per square inch (psi) tire pressure to approximate the energy released by a 747 main landing gear tire failure (194 psi)-it would be 301,071 foot pounds. . . . equal to 0.60 sticks of dynamite.

If the tire burst at the maximum pressure of 1,170 psi it would release 1,215,789 foot pounds of energy-an amount equal to 4.4 sticks of dynamite.

* * *


– Tom Irvine

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