Acoustic Fatigue of a Plate

Here is a paper showing how fatigue damage can be calculated from a stress response PSD for a plate excited by an acoustic pressure field:  acoustic_fatigue_plate.pdf

The calculation method is given at:
Fatigue Damage for a Stress Response PSD

* * *

The Matlab scripts for calculating the plate responses are included in the vibroacoustics section of the Vibrationdata GUI package, available at:   Vibrationdata Signal Analysis Package

* * *

See also:

Steady-State Response of a Rectangular Plate Simply-Supported on All Sides to a Uniform Pressure:  ss_plate_uniform_pressure.pdf

Steady-State Vibration Response of a Plate Fixed on All Sides Subjected to a Uniform Pressure: fixed_plate_uniform_pressure.pdf

Aircraft Fuselage Fluctuating Pressure

* * *

– Tom Irvine

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