Fatigue Damage for a Stress Response PSD

Here is a paper.

Estimating Fatigue Damage from Stress Power Spectral Density Functions: estimate_fatigue_psd.pdf

Note that the duration for the example in the paper was 600 sec.

* * *

This following Matlab program calculates the cumulative rainflow fatigue damage for an input stress PSD using the following wideband methods:

1. Wirsching & Light
2. Ortiz & Chen
3. Lutes & Larsen, Single-Moment
4. Benasciutti & Tovo, alpha 0.75
5. Dirlik
6. Zhao & Baker


Random Vibrations: Theory and Practice (Dover Books on Physics)

The stress PSD and the fatigue strength coefficient must have consistent stress units.

The input PSD must have two columns: freq(Hz) & stress(unit^2/Hz)

* * *

Main scripts:


Vibrationdata Signal Analysis Package

* * *

The following values are “For Reference Only.”

m = fatigue exponent
A = fatigue strength coefficient

Aluminum 6061-T6 with zero mean stress

A=9.7724e+17 (ksi^9.25)
A=5.5757e+25 (MPa^9.25)

Butt-welded Steel Joints

A=1.255e+11 (ksi^3.5)
A=1.080e+14 (MPa^3.5)

* * *

See also:

Rainflow Fatigue

Mrsnik, Janko Slavic, Boltezar, Frequency-domain methods for a vibration-fatigue-life estimation – Application to real data:  mrsnik_article_vib_fatigue.pdf

Spectral Moments Notes

* * *

– Tom Irvine

6 thoughts on “Fatigue Damage for a Stress Response PSD

    • Great, Thanks, Tom! I may order one, too, but it is always great to see how you decode all the theory into a usable ‘engineering’ math form! Ha ha

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