Webinar Unit 3 Sine Sweep Vibration

Here are the materials for sine sweep vibration:

PowerPoint File: webinar_sine_sweep.ppt

Audio/Visual File: NESC Academy Sine Sweep – Recommend viewing in Firefox with Sliverlight plugin

* * *

Here is the solid rocket motor accelerometer data,
(time (sec) & Accel(G) ):   solid_motor.dat

Paper: Sine Sweep Frequency Parameters

The Effect of Sweep Rate on a Single-degree-of-freedom System’s Response to Sine Sweep Base Input: sine_sweep_rate.pdf

Sine Sweep Rate Influence Excerpt:  sine_sweep_rate_excerpt.pdf

* * *

Matlab script:  Vibrationdata Signal Analysis Package

Sine Sweep Sound File: sweep.wav

* * *

Python PowerPoint File:  webinar_3_Sine_sweep_python.pptx

* * *

See also: Vibrationdata Webinars

* * *

– Tom Irvine

5 thoughts on “Webinar Unit 3 Sine Sweep Vibration

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