FRF Substructuring

This post is a work-in-progress…

Frequency Response Function based substructuring (FBS) predicts the dynamic behavior of a coupled system on the basis of free interface FRFs of the uncoupled components.

Here is a tutorial paper:  Frequency Response Function Substructuring 

Modal damping requires special consideration:  Notes on Damping in FRF Substructuring

This script sets up the initial mass and stiffness matrices for the systems in the tutorial paper: spring_mass_series.m

See also:

Transfer Functions from Normal Modes

Joint Receptance for Rigid & Elastically Coupled Subsystems

Matlab script: joint_receptance.m

Reference Papers

K. Cuppens, P. Sas, L. Hermans, Evaluation of the FRF Based Substructuring and Modal Synthesis Technique Applied to Vehicle FE Data:   Download

Dr. Peter Avitabile, Impedance Modeling & Frequency Based Substructuring:  Download

Matthew S. Allen, Randall L. Mayes, Comparison of FRF and Modal Methods for Combining Experimental and Analytical Substructures: Download

Randy L. Mayes, Patrick S. Hunter, Todd W. Simmermacher, Matthew S. Allen , Combining Experimental and Analytical Substructures with Multiple Connections:  Download

Mladen Gibanica, Experimental-Analytical Dynamic Substructuring, A State-Space Approach:  Download

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