Response of an SDOF System to an Applied Force PSD or Acoustic SPL


This set of scripts calculates the response of an SDOF system to an applied force PSD.

A transfer function is derived. Then its square is applied to the force PSD to calculate the response, using point-by-point multiplication and integration.

Important note:  The following scripts in this post require the supporting functions which are in the above zip file.

And here is a script that calculates the vibration response spectrum for an applied force:  vrs_force.m

It also has an option for a fatigue damage spectrum.

* * *

Here is a script which calculates the SDOF response to an external SPL.  This  assumes that the sound pressure can be converted to an equivalent force for a fully correlated, uniform pressure distribution across the top surface of the mass with no flanking paths:  sdof_spl.m

And here is the full vibration response spectrum for the SPL:  vrs_spl.m

Both of these scripts require these additional supporting functions:


* * *

Here are related papers.

The Steady-state Response of Single-degree-of-freedom System to a Harmonic Excitation Force:  sforce.pdf

An Introduction to Frequency Response Functions:  frf.pdf 

* * *

See also:

Modal Transient Analysis Numerical Engine, Applied Force

Vibrationdata Structural Dynamics – Classical Methods

* * *

– Tom Irvine

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