Shock & Vibration Training, Complimentary

One of my responsibilities to NASA is to provide training sessions and materials as an outreach to the engineering community.

Occasionally, I provide onsite training, but these classes are becoming increasingly difficult to organize for a variety of reasons.

As an alternative, I am considering offering online training sessions via a Webinar format. These sessions might be 1-hour long, once or twice per week. Participants could pick and choose which sessions to attend. Some of the sessions might be repeated, so the students could make up a class that they missed.

Students will receive shock, vibration and signal analysis software as part of this course. The software is written mostly in Matlab, but C/C++ and Python versions are also available. Most of the software can already be downloaded from my blog, wiki and website.

The time and dates are TBD.

Please let me know via Email if you are interested, so that I can put your name on the schedule distribution list.

Thank you,
Tom Irvine

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