Weather Radar Matlab Scripts

I may have an upcoming opportunity to perform signal processing on some satellite data for tracking storms and ocean wave heights…

Anyway, I am studying some radar books in preparation.

* * *

Here are some Matlab scripts for monostatic pulsed radar systems: – calculates target range from delay time or vice versa – calculations for maximum unambiguous range and pulse repetition time and frequency – calculates the Pulse Repetition Interval (PRI) from the Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF), or vice versa – calculates average transmitted power from peak transmitted power and duty cycle – calculates the pulse energy from either the peak or average transmitted power

* * *

Here are some additional radar scripts: – performs frequency and wavelength conversions – calculates the beamwidth of a typical parabolic reflector

* * *

See also:  Doppler Shift

* * *

More later…

– Tom Irvine

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