Fun with Sound Files

Making sound recordings is easy these days given that iPods, iPads and Android cell phones have this capability.

Here is a freeware program that can be used to process the sound data: Audacity

This program can also convert the sound file from one format to another.

* * *

Also, here is a Matlab script for converting wav files to ASCII text: audio_txt.m

A Fast Fourier transform or Waterfall FFT can then be calculated using scripts posted at:

Fourier Transform

Waterfall FFT

* * *

Here is a Matlab script for generating and playing Shepard tones:


* * *

Here is a Matlab GUI sound editor & player program that I am working on:

It can be used for converting accelerometer data into a sound file of sorts.

* * *

Matlab has a function to convert a time history to a wav file. The function is:



amplitude is the sound pressure
FS is the sample rate (samples/sec)
filename is the output array name

A typical sample rate is 44100

The Audacity freeware program can then be used to convert the wav file to mp3 format.

* * *

See Also:

Python Audio Files

Vibrationdata Audio Files

Wikipedia Sampling Rate

Wikipedia Audacity Audio Editor

Some Music Acoustics

* * *

– Tom Irvine

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