Modal Transient Analysis of a Beam with Enforced Motion via a Ramp Invariant Digital Recursive Filtering Relationship

These Matlab scripts calculate the natural frequencies of a beam via the finite element method:

They also have options for base excitation:

1. frequency response function
2. half-sine base input
3. arbitrary base input

A ramp invariant digital recursive relationship is used for the case of arbitrary base excitation.

The main function is:  beam_base_accel_fea.m

The remaining functions are supporting functions.

* * *

The reference papers are:






The numerical engine is taken from the applied force model because the temporal response is needed in its modal absolute form.  See: Modal Transient Analysis of a System Subjected to an Applied Force via a Ramp Invariant Digital Recursive Filtering Relationship: force_ramp_invariant.pdf
* * *

See also:

Beam Bending Natural Frequencies and Modeshapes

Modal Transient Numerical Engine

– Tom Irvine

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