HALT Testing

Question from one of my readers

If equipment is normally isolated in service, should HALT vibration testing be performed with or without isolators since the intent of this testing is to find operational and structural limits regardless of the real environment.

Answer from Steve Brenner

HALT test units should be attached to the HALT shaker WITHOUT isolators.

The purpose of the HALT vibration is to stimulate as many resonances as possible. Leaving the isolators on would “protect” the specimen from many frequencies and a lot of the energy.

Remember, we are not attempting to simulate any real service environment. We are using vibration as a “tool” to find areas in design and construction which limits long term reliability.

One thought on “HALT Testing

  1. I agree with leaving the isolators off. I also think that HALT testing is not vibration. It is most definitely shock. The machine has hammers and they conviently filter all the dangerous high frequency stuff out of sight but it’s still there in my opinion. Ever have any unexplainable electrical noise ? hmmm
    I spent years trying to generate this kind of shock to stimulate phase noise in microwave circuits. Guess what we used ? Hammers.

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