Matlab: generate your own time history

There is a occasional need in shock & vibration analysis for a user to generate his or her own time history.  The resulting time history could be used to test a modal transient script, for example.

The scripts in can be used to output the following signals:

3=damped sine
4=sine sweep
5=white noise (with option for band-limiting)
6=terminal sawtooth pulse
7=symmetric sawtooth pulse
8=half-sine pulse
9=versed sine pulse
11=rectangular pulse
12=beat frequency

generate.m is the main script.

The remaining scripts are supporting functions.

More signal options will be added in a future revision….

* * *

A Matlab GUI version is included in:  Matlab Signal Analysis Package

* * *

See also:  Synthesize a Time History to Satisfy a Power Spectral Density

* * *

Tom Irvine

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