Bessel Lowpass Filter

These Matlab scripts apply a two-pole Bessel lowpass filter to a time history signal:

The main script is: Bessel_lowpass_filter.m

The remaining scripts are supporting functions.

The filter coefficients were derived using a bilinear transformation, as shown in Bessel_filter_two_pole.pdf

* * *

The U.S. Navy commonly uses a Two-pole Bessel lowpass filter for analysis of measured shock data.

Here are typical lowpass filter conventions.  Each frequency corresponds to a -3 dB gain in the transfer function magnitude.

Surface ship hull (not in contact with water) and deck mounted locations are filtered at 250 Hz.

Surface ship hull plate and frame shock data is filtered at 1000 Hz to capture higher frequency energy.

Submarine deck mounted locations are filtered at 250 Hz.

Submarine hull, frame and hemi-head mounted equipment is filtered at 1000 Hz.

* * *

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* * *

Here is a Fortran version: BESSEL_LOWPASS_FILTER.F

* * *

Recommended Filtering Books:

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* * *

Tom Irvine

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