Time Waveform Replication

Time Waveform Replication (TWR) for shock testing on shaker systems has been receiving some attention in MIL-STD-810G and elsewhere.  The goal is to test components to measured field time histories for realism.

 I did some related work with NASA’s Robin Ferebee a few years ago, published as:
An Alternative Method Of Specifying Shock Test Criteria, NASA/TM-2008-215253 & PowerPoint slide overview

The concern was the water impact shock of the Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster (SRB).  A large IEA avionics box was mounted in the fore and aft of each booster.  Each IEA was recovered and flown on a future mission.

So there was a need to perform a shaker table shock test on the IEA using realistic time histories from measured impact data, to verify that the IEA could survive this event

* * *

Here is the software for the method in C/C++ :  TWR.zip

I will include equivalent versions in Matlab, Python, Fortran and Perl in a future update revision.

* * *

– Tom Irvine

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