SDOF Response to an acceleration PSD Base Input


This set of Matlab scripts calculates the response of a single-degree-of-freedom system to an acceleration power spectral density base input:

The power spectral density may vary arbitrarily with frequency.

The main script is:  sdof_ran.m

The user must specify the natural frequency and damping ratio.

The script performs a point-by-point multiplication of the base input by the power transmissibility function.  This method is more accurate than Miles equation which assumes a constant PSD over the frequency domain from zero to infinity.

The input file must have two columns: frequency(Hz) & accel(G^2/Hz)

* * *

A vibration response spectrum can be calculated for a single-degree-of-freedom system for the case where natural frequency is left as an independent variable.

Matlab scripts for this calculation are given at:

The main script is:  VRS.m

* * *

See also:

Matlab Random Vibration Page

Random Vibration & Power Spectal Density Page

Vibration Response Spectrum Page

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,
Tom Irvine

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