MinGW should be installed first.



GotoBLAS2 is an implementation of Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms (BLAS).


GotoBLAS2 has configurations for a variety of hardware platforms. It builds a library that is optimized for the given PC’s CPU.

Make a folder called: c:\LAPACK

Download GotoBLAS2. Filename = GotoBLAS2-1.13_bsd.tar.gz

Save File to: c:\LAPACK

Then open and extract with jZip or some other utility.

jZip is available for free at:

The extracted files should appear in:



wget – is a utility that retrieves files using HTTP, HTTPS and FTP
It will be used in the “make” process to download the latest LAPACK files.

It is given in file: wget

Copy wget into c:\MinGW

Then rename it as: wget.exe
(This approach is needed to circumvent Email firewalls.)

Next… Open the Unix-like shell

Programs > MinGW > MinGW Shell

$ cd /c/LAPACK
$ mkdir include (make include sub-folder)

Install the files from: includes.tgz     (This is for CBLAS).


$ cd /c/LAPACK/GotoBLAS2 (The $ sign is the prompt)

$ make
(this is the step to build the libraries for LAPACK & GotoBLAS2)

$ ls *.lib (directory)

You should then see a file such as:




The string in the middle depends on your CPU type.

Then type

$ nm libgoto2*.lib | grep dsptrd (file listing)

You should several lines such as
U _dsptrd_

From within the MinGW shell:

Copy includes.tgz into /c/LAPACK/include

and run: tar -zxvf includes.tgz

Also check for


This dll can be used for compiling programs which use LAPACK subroutines in a pure Windows environment.

More later . . .

* * *

Tom Irvine

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