Python Progress

The Python scripting program, ver 2.7.2, can be freely downloaded from: 

Programmers will also need to install libraries such as NumPy, SciPy and matplotlib, particularly for science and engineering programming.

These libraries are also freely available, but their proper installation and integration with Python is tricky.

As an alternative, a package of Python with these libraries and other features, called EPD,  is available for a fee from:

I choose to purchase this package. 

Please note that the EPD should be installed in a separate folder such as c:\Python27b if you have already installed the stand-alone Python version in c:\Python27.   Or at least I found this to be necessary on two 64-bit Window 7 PCs. 

Next, the user needs an Integrated Developement Environment (IDE).  This is a workspace to write and run Python scripts.

A simple choice is to use IDLE as a Python shell to write and edit the Python scripts.  Others use Emacs or Vi.

The scripts can then be run using IPython, which is called PyLab in the Enthought EPD package.

IPython is fine for people who prefer to run programs in command-line mode.

People accustomed to Matlab’s workspace, however, should use the freely-available Pythonxy or Spyder IDE  from

I have just installed this IDE.  It seems to be working fine with the previously-installed EPD package.  

Again, I am posting my Python scripts at


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