Welcome to Vibrationdata Blog!


I will be posting news about my shock & vibration research and latest software and tutorials on this blog.

I am currently serving as a industry representative on the NASA Engineering & Safety Center (NESC), Technical Disciplines Team for Loads & Dynamics, under the leadership of Dr. Curtis Larsen.  I am also a scientist at Dynamic Concepts, Inc., in Huntsville, Alabama.

I will present a paper on my NESC educational materials at the Aerospace Spacecraft & Launch Vehicle Dynamic Environments Conference, in El Segundo, California, June 7-9, 2011.   I hope to meet some of you there.

Also, please feel free to suggest topics for new software & tutorials, as well as enhancements to my existing materials.

Let me know how I may serve you.

Thank you,
Tom Irvine

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Vibrationdata Blog!

  1. Sir,
    If accelerometer data ie acceleration history in time domain is available, then how to obtain velocity and displacement plot using matlab?

    Secondly, how to filter accelerometer data which is available in time domain?
    Which filters are suitable for this purpose?

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