Acoustic Sound Pressure Levels

I recently had a need to compare sound pressure levels (SPLs) on the inside of payload fairings for a number of launch vehicles.  These levels are readily available in online user’s guide for vehicles such as Atlas, Delta, Falcon, Ariane and others.

The most critical acoustic environment for satellites & payloads is typically liftoff.   Additional acoustic excitation occurs during the the  transonic and maximum dynamic pressure events due to shock waves and turbulent boundary layers.

Anyway, the SPLs are typically expressed in one-third octave format.

But the SPL  for one vehicle was given in full octave format.

I thus wrote a Matlab script to convert an SPL from full octave to one-third octave format.  The script is called:  oct_to_onethird.m

It is available via subscription at Vibrationdata Matlab Acoustic Page.

Thank you,
Tom Irvine

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